Responsible Care® Partnership

Vision Statement / Responsible Care® Commitment Policy (EHSS)

GLS Transport Inc. (GLS) will be a leading supplier of transportation services to the chemical and fuel industries by making our customers more successful. We will be a resource and partner to our customers by helping them make better products and service, more cost effectively. At GLS, Environment, Health, Safety and Security is a Core Value. We are committed to the five Responsible Care® Elements:

  1. Policy and Leadership
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation, Operations and Accountability
  4. Performance Measurement, Corrective and Preventative Action
  5. Management Review

By committing to operate safely and taking personal responsibility for our health, we can reduce risk and better serve our customers and our families. This commitment extends to the environment and how we conduct our business to promote personal and organizational responsibility. We will provide a healthy workplace, committed to continual Responsible Care® improvement supported by operating procedures and training that safeguard our stakeholders, our employees, contractors and the general public.

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